There’s no easy way to say this, folks, but things have changed!

Yes, no longer can you keyword your way to the top of Google’s rankings and now link building is certainly being marked down so – aside from blowing every penny on pay per click advertising (which is, after all, what search engines want you to do), there is only one way to rise to the top.

And this way is very simple, albeit time consuming – and it must be done properly.


How to optimise your website for 2016

Having the right content can make or break your SEO success right now – keep your website up to date with current information, news and blogs and then share them socially, across as many networks as you can.

Content should be original, informative and fun (if you want interaction!), which is where we come in. After all, not many business owners can afford to employ an expert in-house to manage their content and social media affairs professionally.

Rising to the top of Google organically is a long-haul approach but it works and it will save your business money compared to traditional online advertising.

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